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Roj City

in Progress | 2022 - 2022 | Finished

Duhok - Malta

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Roj City

Roj City consists of 25 buildings containing 1880 housing units located in a luxurious location in Duhok - Malta. The project symbolizes luxury and fine artistic taste, providing a unique living space that provides it’s residence with the best means of comfort.

Your Needs Are Always Met

Roj City is designed to provide it’s citizens with all necessary amenities like Health Center, kindergarten, Greenery, Walking space, Market, Administration office, Cafes, Restaurants, and Supermarkets, giving you an unprecedented level of convenience.

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Green space

Having access to clean air and ample green spaces is a big component in leading a healthy life . Roj City makes sure to provide you and your family with fresh air and ample green spaces. Complemented with fountains, sitting benches ,and walking tracks. Your health is always preserved with Roj City.

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Located in a highly desirable location in Duhok-Malta, ensuring the long term appreciation of the properties and easy commute for it’s residents having quick access to highways and city center.